Student Spotlight: Daniel Keane

Meet our new EducationUSA intern:

“My name is Daniel Keane. I am a freshman at George Mason University and I will be interning at EducationUSA this semester. George Mason is located right outside of Washington, D.C. and is the biggest public university in the state of Virginia. The opportunity to come to Hungary and intern here at Education USA was offered to me through the study abroad office at George Mason, and I am very excited for this experience.

At George Mason I am very involved, I am majoring in Government and International Politics, with a minor in Legal studies. I also have a job on campus working with the recreation department, and I was on the executive board for my Residence Hall, and was in charge of planning activities and events for everyone.

I am only just getting set up in Budapest, but I am already falling in love with the city. I came to Hungary to explore the world and to see a place that not a lot of American´s know about. The city is amazing and I know that the rest of the semester will be just as special as the first week has been.

As a current freshman, I am very familiar with the college application process. I am from California, but go to school across the country on the East Coast, so I know that it can sometimes be stressful or scary to apply to schools so far away from home. I hope these two things will help me be a valuable resource to students looking to study in the states.”